Monday, February 22, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies!

My daughter decided this year that she wanted to be a Girl Scout. So I signed her up over the summer and waited for the phone call on what troop she would be in. It didn't come. There were no troops with openings for her level (Grade 1 - Daisy Scout). So, I took the plunge and volunteered. Crazy? Yes, but most days are good. It is a challenge working with other peoples children. Their likes and dislikes are not familiar to you. BUT back to the WORLD OF COOKIES! My troop of 9 girls sold 1116 boxes of cookies! That is 93 cases! HOLY SAMOAS!!! I am going on Wednesday to help sort the delivery and round up my cookies. I am scared! LOL! I have seen 13 cases with a table and 2 chairs in the back of my Santa Fe for booth sales. But 93 cases! YIKES! I will take pictures of my mountain of cookies and post that either Wednesday or Thursday. For some odd reason, I think I may never want to eat Girl Scout cookies ever again! LOL!