Monday, November 8, 2010

fall blog hop

Well, I recently was bed-ridden with a nasty sinus cold and migraine, UGH! But during a lucid moment, I went online to check email, facebook, and the world of crafting. I stumbled upon a fall blog hop and saw some pretty awesome creations! I love seeing other peoples work! I just had to post about the blog hop (seeing as I won a prize! yippee!) thanks to Cheryl Gaffney cardsbycg.blogspot (I think it was either my Pink Stamper or Karlee Krafts that led me to you all.) Anyway, I will be laid off the day before Thanksgiving (sigh) so hopefully will have more time to post my projects. I am making candle holders with my Scout troop (trying to find baby food jars for this project), and will be starting my homemade Christmas cards soon!