Monday, April 25, 2011

Cow card contest

HI Y'ALL!! I finally found (made) the time to make a card for the Tacky Tuesday Challenge! We had to make a card using a cow and using the words "moo" or "udderly" in a phrase. I made an anniversary card and the song from Garth Brooks keeps playing in my head, so I made the comment "you still mooove me".... What do ya think???

E2 Giveaway from Everyday Cricut!!!

So, another one of my favorite sites is also giving away a new Cricut Expression 2 (E2)!! Woohoo! It is such an awesome prize! I would have to donate my Expression to someone worthy (a few fabulous friends come to mind! ;0)......)

Joy and Melanie post daily with awesome projects made with the Cricut! Great site to be a follower of!

Here is the link to enter (and read about all the extra entries you can earn...)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cricut Expression 2 Giveaway

Here is the info posted on Robyn's page "My Pink Stamper" ...........

Cricut Expression 2 Giveaway
Enter drawing by Monday, April 25th! Click on the picture and read how to enter below.

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Cricut Expression 2 Machine Giveaway!
WOW!!! Can you believe it?? Provo Craft has donated a brand new Cricut Expression 2 Machine to give away on my blog!!!

**I will announce the winner at the end of My Pink Stamper Live on Monday night that begins at 10:00 PM CST! This will be right before the new Cricut Expression 2 is aired on HSN with Jinger Adams!
**There will be many ways to win this awesome machine!!

Here is the message posted by Robyn from "My Pink Stamper"..........

Okay, here are a few ways you can get in the drawing for Monday night! You can do any or all!
*Leave a comment on THIS post with what you would do with this machine if you won it.
*Leave a comment on any post from now until I announce the winner Monday night!
*Follow my blog (This is completely optional. You do not have to be a follower to win.)
*Join my Facebook Page HERE and post a comment on the thread I will start.
*Tell anyone and everyone about this giveaway and leave a comment here for each FB post or blog post you make!

Soooo excited to give this away!! Thank you to Provo Craft for this wonderful giveaway of a totally incredible machine!! Don't forget to mark your calendars for Monday night for My Pink Stamper Live and the HSN Cricut Expression 2 Launch!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny cups

I made (with the help of my 8 year old) little Easter baskets for my Girl Scout troop. I used yogurt cups covered with white vinyl and hand cut bunnies on fuzzy vinyl and stuck them on to the front of the cups. I used a marker for the face and whiskers and blush for the ears and cheeks. I let Madison color in the pink nose...
Inside, I put 4 chocolate eggs, a sleeve of M&M's and a mini chocolate bunny. Happy Easter all!