Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea towel dresses

I saw a post on and thought they were adorable! I had to try them out! So, over to A Little Loveliness I went and printed out the instructions. My daughters friend is moving to Texas so we were having her over for a weekend of fun before she would have to leave and I brought them to Jo-Ann's to find see what we could find. I picked up one embroidered tea towel (they only had one!) and then let the girls find a fabric they liked. We ended up with white with silver sparkles and my daughter picked the turquoise ribbon, while her friend, the purple. It took a while to make as I had to finish all eight edges of fabric instead of just the two from cutting the towel in half. If you go to you can see the original post - just look for the post from July 19, 2011 titled "Tea Towel Pillowcase Doll Dress Tutorial" and there are so many more wonderful things if you look around Melissa's site! Here are the photos of the doll dresses we made on Saturday July 23, 2011....

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