Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Projects

Well, I have so blown my post a week. So here are some things that I have been working on. I took the pictures at the "Me & My Guy" Girl Scout event. I made signs for my car to advertise Girl Scout cookie sale- using my Cricut and vinyl. I made a Girl Scout shirt (all the girls in my troop got to paint a shirt - I cut the image they chose with my Cricut on freezer paper and ironed on so they could paint the design.) I made signs for my dishwasher to notify my family if the dishes inside are clean or dirty...
Now I am working on signs for my craft room and my daughters bedroom door.
Take care! AND Happy St Patrick's Day!


  1. Karen, I have awarded you a Liebster Blog Award. To pick it up and pass it on to others, visit this link:

  2. way to go !!!!!!!!!!! i remember this event when my girls were in girl scouts i was a co-leader for troop.

  3. Love your dirty/clean sign. We so need one of those in my house. Found you through Momo.